sunhouse sample packs

Sensory Percussion comes with 17,736 samples and 193 preset kits recorded and designed by Sunhouse. The raw sounds and presets range from tight and slamming to spacey and sound-scapey (and everything in between).

Start from scratch by dragging and dropping sounds that inspire you into blank kits, or tweak parameters inside of the factory kits. Or even mix and match the individual drums within the presets to create completely new kits! There are galaxies of sound waiting for you at the tips of your drumsticks.



This pack is all of the samples and kits that you get when you install Sensory Percussion for the first time. It includes the familiar sounds of classic drum machines from the 80s and 90s, meticulously recorded acoustic drums, hand drums, drumline instruments, auxiliary percussion (pitched and non-pitched), beat-box samples, and much more. It also ships with wide collection of tonal sounds, from synths and pianos, to stringed instruments and ambient sound scapes.

Samples included: 2,449

Kits included: 48

Installation size: 1.2 GB



Streetlab is an exhaustive sonic exploration of skateboard sounds including various types of decks, trucks, wheels, rails, grinds, smashes, and crashes--all sourced from field and studio recordings made by Josh Green and Andrew Meador on the skateboard. The pack includes raw samples of impacts and vocalizations from trick landings, as well as texture-on-texture sounds from the different parts of the skateboard struck with brushes and sticks. It also includes original chords, tones, and drum machine hits, and kits produced at Sunhouse HQ.

Samples included: 419

Kits included: 17

Installation size: 193 MB



Dreamtropolis is an anthology of over 3,000 sounds and 28 kits that explores a world of imaginary cities with their peculiar and fantastical sonic ecosystems. It's rich with chords, tones, and loops, containing the sounds of bass guitars, electric pianos, classical guitar, and more. Dreamtropolis also includes an immense and unique collection of one-shot hits from drum machines, acoustic drums, cymbals and other found-sound-percussive-objects.

Samples included: 3,310

Kits included: 28

Installation size: 2.8 GB


Ganzfeld Effect

The ganzfeld effect is a kind of perceptual deprivation by exposure to unstructured noise. The brain can't handle the noise, so hallucinations ensue. Our Ganzfeld Effect pack is comprised of lush, earthy sounds and kits. The pack is overflowing with multi-percussion samples, and full mappings of: a snare drum, bass drum, floor tom, two dhols, and an udu. It also has sounds from ocarinas, a harmonium, a banjo, and an accordion. The kits in this pack range from simply-essential-percussive-sounds, to intricately tonal and twisted soundscapes.

Samples included: 3,225

Kits included: 25

Installation size: 1.3 GB


Swarm Sapience

The Swarm Sapience sound pack is inspired by the hive-mind. It contains kits with bubbly, stereophonic cycles, colorful synth chords and notes, staccato drum machines, and intimately abstract sounds sourced from percussive trinkets with a contact mic! Some of these kits are tonal, some are strictly percussive.

Samples included: 556

Kits included: 9

Installation size: 884 MB



The Millalobo sound pack is named for the mythical Chilean half-man, half-sea lion king of the sea. There are electronic percussion sounds, smooth & metallic vibraphone-esq notes and chords, and old-school gritty piano & flute composite sounds.

Samples included: 102

Kits included: 9

Installation size: 72 MB


Primordial Breakbeat

This pack is inspired by the sounds of funk, hip-hop and jazz drummers like Clyde Stubblefield, Questlove, and Ben Riley, and sampled from an assortment of drums in our collection here at the Sunhouse studio.

Samples included: 3,664

Kits included: 9

Installation size: 1.55 GB


Galactic Brine

An organic, but space-drenched collection! Half of these kits include tonal features, ranging from the strange and bubbly to moody and sinister. The other half are percussive kits inspired by the crunchy, slurpy, sloshy and more interesting sounds of nature in the Elements sample pack.

Samples included: 1,698

Kits included: 20

Installation size: 1.92 GB


Sol Seco

The Sol Seco pack is a vintage-vibe-1970s-inspired set of groovy acoustic kits.

Samples included: 1,359

Kits included: 5

Installation size: 0.18 GB



These 10 kits feel like taking Ambien and fighting the urge to drift off. Hypnagogia is made up of many new and old samples scattered throughout the Sunhouse samples library.

Samples included: 71

Kits included: 10

Installation size: 0.55GB



This sound pack is an homage to the drum sounds of late 90s hip hop from the American South. Gritty, sharp snares, claps, hi-hats, cymbals, and banging thick subs and kicks blare through the kits in this pack.

Samples included: 133

Kits included: 5

Installation size: 0.38 GB



A trip into the bizarre and beautiful realm of uninhabitable celestial objects. There are four complete kits in this pack, as well as four single drums.

Samples included: 750

Kits included: 8

Installation size: 1.68 GB