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A field of shapes and squiggles on a green background with title 'brooklyn vanguard' in the lower left corner
Brooklyn Vanguard
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A post-bop jazz drum sample pack recorded in stunning detail.
acoustic, detailed, drum set, jazz, patterns
A stippled moth image flapping its wings on a background of soft blue and purple color blobs
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Twisted by your playing, this is a melodic pack of ecological 80s-sounding synths brought to life
edrums, electronic, harmonic, melodic, tonal
An abstract collage of a taiko drum and taiko musicians
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Expertly performed taiko samples for Sensory Percussion: Shimedaiko, Okedo, Chudaiko, Odaiko drums.
acoustic, detailed, patterns, percussion
A drawing of a drumset on a patterned 70's-inspired background with title the Orbivestus Acoustic
Orbivestus Drums
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Big acoustic drums presets inspired by roots rock, indie rock, and rockabilly drum sounds
acoustic, detailed, drumset, patterns, rock
The Accoustic Collection pack cover image, a render of a drum set with cymbals on a platform, viewed at an angle from above.
Acoustic Drums
The most responsive acoustic drum presets ever produced.
acoustic, detailed, drum set, jazz, rock
The cover image for the Chord Sequences pack, a curved neon triangle floating amid a dense wall of tropical plants like palms and monstera.
Chord Sequences
A pack consisting of immersive chord progressions layered on expressive drum sets.
chords, harmonic, tonal
The cover image for the Electric Drum Kits pack, a cartoon styled octopus is holding a drum synth with its tentacles.
Electric Drum Kits
Classic e-drum sounds supercharged with the responsiveness of acoustic drums.
drum machine, e drums, electronic
The cover image for the Electro Melodic pack, an image of neon rings floating in a field of pink and purple light.
Electro Melodic
Control tonal dreamscapes of rich melody and harmony with ease from your drums.
electronic, harmonic, melodic
The cover image for the Patterns pack, an image of intricate geometric shapes made of stone and metal, arranged in a perfect grid on a marble surface.
Sequences inside sequences! These sets show the power of embedded patterns unlocked by your playing.
found sounds, patterns, soundscape
The cover image for Worldly Sounds, a stylized aerial image of a terrain with snow-covered mountain, lakes, and fields.
Worldly Sounds
Found sounds from Mother Earth meets classic Sensory Percussion control!
environmental, found sounds, percussion
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