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Electro Melodic

The tonal implications of Sensory Percussion are vast, but simply put: the ability to control melody and harmony with the zones of your drums opens up tonal possibilities far out of reach of drummers until now.

The sets in Electro Melodic use timbre, velocity, speed, envelope, sequences, and blend assignments to manipulate melody and harmony. Ever played a scale on your snare drum by striking the drum repeatedly from center to edge, and then unlock higher scale degrees by playing a buzz roll? What about change keys of a melody by hitting the rim of the floor tom? With Sensory Percussion this kind of control is now possible and easy to set up.

The sets in Electro Melodic showcase some of what is possible with melody and harmony with Sensory Percussion V2.
electronic, harmonic, melodic
Included in Core Library
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Melody Pattern Garden
Proxemic 25
Release DateJanuary 16, 2023
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