About Sunhouse

Sunhouse is a technology company creating the future of AI for the music industry. Our mission is to shift the paradigm in music creation by powering transformative musical experiences based on human intuition. By adopting the latest advances in machine learning, music information retrieval, and signal processing we make products to empower musicians, not replace them.

Our technology listens and responds to musicians, giving them agency to create live performances, enhanced studio recordings and new compositions.

We are a team of musicians, engineers and designers based in New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Paris, and Marseille.

About Sensory Percussion™

Sensory Percussion™ is a patented system for drummers that transforms an acoustic instrument into a powerful controller for digital music making. By using custom drum sensors and AI-powered acoustic mapping, our technology makes drums into an expressive tool for composing and performing with samples, effects and midi. Sensory Percussion™ gives drummers the ability to control electronic with their drumsticks, opening up a completely new avenue for creativity and music making.

Sensory Percussion™ is being used in 30+ countries and is supported by drummers for Dr. Dre, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5 and Nas.

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