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Sensory Percussion.

Sensory Percussion is a modern take on electronic drums that captures the true expressive nature of drumming. While triggers turn your drum into little more than an on/off button, Sensory Percussion listens and reacts, responding to the essence of your performance.

Sensory Percussion is a hardware + software system that is an overlay onto acoustic drums. The sensor clamps to the side of a drum (snare, tom or kick) and connects to our Mac/PC software via a standard audio interface as a phantom-powered microphone.

Sensory Percussion understands where and how you hit the drum. It not only lets you map different parts of the drum to any sound desired (from samples and synthesizers to digital audio effects), it also lets you control those sounds in an intuitive, expressive way.

The result is a new instrument that lets you create with electronics in a way never before possible: with the natural expressivity of acoustic drums united with the power of modern audio software.

  • control up to ten independent sound regions on a single drum.

  • blend between sound regions.

  • control continuous effects with your playing.

  • apply effects controls across multiple drums.

  • automatic and adaptive smart cross-talk cancelation.

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How does it work?

Sensory Percussion uses a combination of sensors to directly capture the vibrations of your entire drum. It is designed to isolate your drum from ambient noise so you can use it on stage and in loud environments. Though it uses multiple sensors, it operates like a traditional phantom-powered mono microphone and uses standard XLR connectors.

Sensory Percussion’s software analyzes the signal from the sensor and can tell where and how you are hitting the drum using our proprietary algorithms, allowing you to map your playing to electronic control. The software supports up to four sensors at a time.


Built-in Sampler

  • Stack multiple samplers on a single pad
  • Use preset samples or user samples (wav, aiff, flac, ogg)
  • Layer unlimited samples within a sampler with advanced playback modes (cycle, random, stack, or with a controller)
  • Advanced sample editor with trim, pan, pitch shifting and envelope controls
  • Built-in low/high-pass resonant filter
  • Sampler Velocity Input/Output curve editor
  • Global choke groups that work across pads and drum channels

Built-in Controllable Effects

  • Multi-band EQ
  • Tube Amp simulation
  • Clipper
  • Delay
  • Filter
  • Modulation effects
  • Reverb
  • Compression


  • Controllers let you control knobs (effects parameters!) and buttons with your playing
  • Timbre - control a parameter based on how and where you hit the drum
  • Velocity - control a parameter by how hard you hit
  • Speed - control a parameter by how fast you play
  • LFOs - automatically control any parameter with multiple LFO types

Full MIDI routing

  • Sensory Percussion includes built-in advanced MIDI routing
  • Send MIDI over a bus to any other third-party software (DAW, Sampler, etc)
  • Send as many MIDI notes per pad as you want
  • Convert controllers to assignable CC knobs
  • Sensory Percussion is also controllable with MIDI-in