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This is Sensory PercussionTransform any drum into a limitless soundscape.
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We created Sensory Percussion to make electronic music more human.

With Sensory Percussion, you get all the creative benefits of layering these samples without the rigidity of a backing track, giving drummers more freedom for live improvisation. And unlike backing tracks, Sensory Percussion responds to the nuances of your playing, creating subtle variations that make the electronic elements feel more human.

Featured PerformanceSee what's possible with Sensory Percussion ARTHUR DUBOIS - DANPAN - DENIM SESSION
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Sensory Percussion's preloaded sets make it easy to dive right in and start performing. From incredibly accurate acoustic drum sounds to otherworldly soundscapes, there's a lot to explore. These presets can also be broken down and split apart in infinite ways; quickly take one element of a preset, drag it into a new set, and build your own sounds around it. And each set has macros for quick tweaks and customizations.

Sound PacksOver 100 presets and thousands of samples come included.
The cover for the Acoustic Drums sound pack
Acoustic DrumsThe most responsive acoustic drum presets ever produced.
The cover for the Brooklyn Vanguard sound pack
Brooklyn VanguardA post-bop jazz drum sample pack recorded in stunning detail.
The cover for the Chord Sequences sound pack
Chord SequencesA pack consisting of immersive chord progressions layered on expressive drum sets.

Playing Sensory Percussion is the first time I've felt genuinely inspired to use my drumming with electronics. It's the closest I've felt the line between my two realities merging -- electronic production and acoustic drumming.

Eli KezslerComposer
The EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System bundle is available now.
An image of the Sensory Percussion Sound System bundle with Portal Interface and 3 Drum Sensors
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