Frequently Asked Questions

Do snare wires affect how Sensory Percussion works?

Snare wires don't affect how Sensory Percussion reads the vibrations of the drum. Because of this, you cannot train different pads to respond to your drum with the snares on and off.

Can I use my V-drums or e-drum kit with Sensory Percussion?

Yes and no.

For the yes part: You can control the Sensory Percussion software by sending MIDI out of your e-drum kit (if it has that capability) and assigning them to control aspects of the software. If your e-drums accept MIDI, you can also use Sensory Percussion to send MIDI out to control your e-drum kit. Please check your e-drum kit's manual for more information on how to do this.

For the no part: our sensors will generally not fit on most e-drum kits. This is because these drums often have thick rubber rims that prevent the sensor from fitting correctly. Also, please keep in mind that Sensory Percussion will not work on foam pads.

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