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Chord Sequences

Chord Sequences contains 20 sets of highly imaginative chord progressions with unique, but easy to use timbre controls. Check the description of each set to learn how to move through its progression.

Some progressions are velocity thresholded, which means that you can "play underneath" the chords with quieter hits, and then strike the chord with a firm hit.

Some sets move through the progression with zone control (e.g.: hit the rim of the snare to advance through the progression, hit the rim of the kick to reset the progression). Check the set description (in the software) to learn how each set is controlled.

Each set contains at least 3 virtual input mappings and a whole world of harmonic and percussive control. The top level macro controls are separated into uniformed harmonic and percussive categories, e.g.: drums squash, drums delay, drums disto, drums reverb, drums mods, drums ny compression, tonal squash, tonal reverb, tonal delay, tonal disto, tonal reverb, tonal mods, tonal NY compression.
chords, harmonic, tonal
Included in Core Library
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universe 25
Phantasma Keys
Moon Rabbit
Olduvai Gorge
Release DateJanuary 16, 2023
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