Sound Pack

Acoustic Drums

This pack contains highly detailed sets built from meticulously sampled acoustic drum kits and hand drums.

Mapped using a precise method of acoustic drum recreation we've perfected over the years, these drums were recorded specifically for Sensory Percussion and are simply the most responsive acoustic drum presets ever produced.

A description of some of the sets follows:

A Bebop Set with snare, rack tom, floor tom, hi-hat (mapped to a tom virtual instrument), and kick drum.

A muffled version of the Bebop Kit, paired with Congas (mapped to tom virtual instruments).

Keine Zukunft (lite): a big indie rock kit recorded at Keine Zukunft Studio in Berlin, containing mappings of two snares, two toms, and a kick.

pitchy perc: an Udu and dhol pitched from center-to-edge. The Udu is mapped to a snare virtual instrument. The higher pitched head of the dhol is mapped to Tom 1, the while lower pitched head is mapped to Tom 2. The kick drum is a pitched down conga sound with open-to-closed timbre pitching and blending.
acoustic, detailed, drum set, jazz, rock
Included in Core Library
Preview some of the Sets that come with this Soundpack
Bebop Kit
Keine Zukunft (lite)
Pitchy Perc
Damped Bebop + Congas
Bebop Kit Pitchy
Release DateJanuary 16, 2023
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