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Sunhouse partnered with taiko artist Isaku Kageyama to create an exhaustively sampled sound pack. Isaku recorded four Taiko, an Atari Gane, and many percussive vocalizations for this exciting pack!

The pack includes:

  • A set of intricate taiko Sensory Percussion mappings that will turn each drum in your kit into a Shimedaiko, Okedo, Chudaiko, Odaiko, Atari Gane, or a percussive vocalization control drum.
  • A set of pitchy variations of all instruments: pitched with from the center of the head out to the edge and velocity (how hard you hit).
  • A set called Taiko Ensemble, which spreads and combines multiple taiko mappings across each drum in your kit and allows you to command an entire taiko ensemble with just one drum set.
  • A pitchy variation of the Taiko Ensemble set, pitched with center-to-edge and velocity controls.
  • Two raucous 32 step sequenced sets called Taiko Throng 1 and Taiko Throng 2 that sequence full drum maps (not just single hits) so you can engage with a sequenced pattern in ways simply not possible before.

The pack includes photography by Arthur Mok and artwork by Hisham Bharoocha

acoustic, detailed, patterns, percussion
Preview some of the Sets that come with this Soundpack
Taikogenomic Sequence
Taiko Throng 1
Pitchy Taiko Ensemble
Augmented Taiko Instruments
Release DateDecember 26, 2023
File Size701 MB
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