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Orbivestus Drums

Giant, flower-power drums inspired by the sounds of 1970s Americana Roots Rock drummers!

The 2,206 raw, hyper-detailed samples were recorded - mostly at Sunhouse HQ - specifically for Sensory Percussion, using the process we developed for producing ultimate drum realism in Sensory Percussion 2.

Plenty of huge drum sounds with lots of tunings and optimizations for you to choose from! For example, most kits allow you to swap rim sounds for hi-hat/cymbal sounds, flip a play-page-macro-toggle to add muffling to the drums, swap the rack tom mapped to Tom 1 for a hi-hat (great for people who have a mesh drum and like to map hi-hat sounds to it).

The seventeen sets include:

  • Straight forward acoustic mappings
  • Far-out pitchy and dubby virtual drums
  • “Single drum mapped” variations for those who want to play them on a smaller Sensory setup
  • Twisted "pattern sets" that sequence full drum mappings: every time you hit the drum the sounds morph in funky, but intuitive ways

This pack has Classic and Indy Rock vibes, and lots of fun pitchy sensory twists!

acoustic, detailed, drumset, patterns, rock
Preview some of the Sets that come with this Soundpack
orbivestal pattern phase
orbivestus kit
Pitchy Falcon Drums
Falcorefivestus Sequence
Falcon Drums
Release DateDecember 20, 2023
File Size975 MB
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