Sensory Percussion Starter Kit

Go hybrid! Add electronic sounds to your kit.

the future of electronic music, powered by your instrument.

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Sensory Percussion transforms your drum into an expressive and virtually unlimited tool for composing and performing with samples, effects, midi and more.

What do you need?

  • A drum or mesh head
  • 1 Sensory Percussion sensor
  • 1 pickup element (included)
  • Audio interface with XLR cable

Get started now and easily upgrade with more sensors later.

The Most Advanced Piece of Technology for Drummers Out there

Ground-breaking proprietary timbre-map technology

  • An entirely new type of electronic drum product
  • Recognize up to 10 different drum strokes with one sensor
  • Control unlimited samples, effects and MIDI with your playing
  • Sensory Percussion reliably tracks timbre, velocity and speed
  • Works with mesh and acoustic heads

Powerful sampler for the modern drummer

  • Stack, sequence, randomize and control samples without limit
  • Plays any WAV, AIFF, Vog-Orbis and FLAC audio files
  • Comes with beautiful and warm digital effects, including reverb, analog-modeled delay, and more
  • Easily map midi note and CC output to control anything from DAWs, to synths and lights
  • Control any parameter in the software with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Create and perform entire show with seamless kit transitions and lightning-fast preset loading

A specialized sensor, designed for drummers

  • Doesn't change the sound of your drum (contactless technology)
  • Fits any size drum: snare, tom and kick
  • Tough nylon construction
  • Secure XLR connection

Sounds come included

Sensory Percussion comes with almost 18,000 original, raw samples, and 193 preset kits. Start from scratch by dragging and dropping sounds that inspire you into blank kits, or tweak parameters inside of the factory kits. Or even mix and match the individual drums within the presets to create completely new kits!

What's included:

SP sensor x 1

A pack of 10 pickup elements

Sensory Percussion software

Sunhouse sounds

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  • Windows 8 and 10
  • Mac OSX 10.9+