Sensory Overload: Live Performances from Navene Koperweis and Destin Johnson
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At the end of 2023, EVANS and Sunhouse teamed up to host Sensory Overload, a live showcase held at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY. The show featured a rotation of drummers who play vastly different genres and physical setups, with the common thread being that they all make music using the EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion System. With sets from Navene Koperweis, Destin Johnson, and Marcus Gilmore, it was an unforgettable night of live Sensory-laden music. And if you missed it, don't worry; we recorded it all, and you can check out Navene and Destin's full sets below!

Navene Koperweis is a multi-talented metal drummer and producer best known for his work with Animals as Leaders and ENTHEOS. For this live set, he did everything himself--the guitar, bass, drums, and auxilliary sounds you hear were all recorded by Navene. He also really dove deep into the sequencer module to create these songs. He often starts off a song by playing a repeated riff or melody before moving to the next section by hitting a particular zone of a particular drum (this zone is mapped to the "next" button on a sequencer). In this way, Navene was able to quickly create immersive song structures at his finger tips. With Sensory Percussion, he was able to create a pre-determined course, but the way he navigates that course is all up to him in the moment. There are no backing tracks and no metronome, so he can stay on a certain section as long as he wants before moving on to the next!

Destin Johnson

Destin Johnson is a drummer and musical director who's played with tons of huge touring acts, including Dua Lipa and Post Malone. A longtime Sunhouse artist, Destin is known for using Sensory Percussion to create super danceable remixes of popular tracks. With the help of Sensory Percussion, he becomes half-drummer/half-DJ, launching loops from different zones of the drums with one limb while adding melodic and percussive accompaniment with his others. Though this set started out with a spacey synth intro, he eventually got into remix mode, putting his own spin on Tyla's "Water" and SZA's "Shirt," amongst others.

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