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With the release of Sensory Percussion Version 1.2.0, using your own sample packs, or 3rd-party sample packs in Sensory Percussion is easier than ever. I love the sounds in the Sensory Percussion sample library, but the internet is chock-full of wild sounds for you to include in your sets, and so many of them are free!

To celebrate that, I put together a few kits using samples from a free pack by Legowelt, an electronic musician from the Netherlands.

To get this set, follow these five steps:

  1. Download the SP set called Whale-Slugs.sps here.
  2. Next, download the Roland JV2080 pack here (make sure you check out the rest of the site, cool stuff there!)
  3. In your “Documents/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion” folder, create a new folder named “samples”.
  4. Unzip and drag-and-drop the “Legowelt-Elektrovolt-RolandJV2080sampleKit” folder into the newly created samples folder.
  5. Navigate to wherever you saved Whale-Slugs.sps, and double click on it. Then enjoy playing the four kits I made using this sample pack!
    (It's probably a good idea to save or export Whale-Slugs.sps to your sets folder so that you can easily find it again)

Feel free to use this sample pack and add more Kits to this set and share them on the forum, where you can also share other SP sets using the new export sets feature!

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Note: In this set, the kits: NordicCetations and Space-Slugs have multiple melodic and/or harmonic samplers mapped to the drum channels 2 and 3. Simply striking the rim-tip of your kick drum toggles between the tonal sounds on the rack and floor channels. You'll also need to be on Sensory Percussion version 1.2.0 or above for all of the features in this set to work properly. Check your email inbox for the 1.2.0 announcement with download links.

Here are some sites with free samples for you to add to your own library:

And lots of music software companies release free packs as promotions from time to time, which is a great way to expand your library.

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