Sensory Percussion 1.2

We're happy to announce the next update to Sensory Percussion (1.2.0), which brings new features, new effects, and important bug fixes. Read on for the full details.

Export Set

It's now really easy to export your set to transfer it to another computer or share it with friends and collaborators. If you're using your own samples, they will all be collected into a folder along with your .sps set file. Just copy the whole folder and you're good to go.

A screenshot of the export set options

Bonus feature: you can now double-click .sps files from the Finder or Explorer and it will launch Sensory Percussion and open the set. 👏

NOTE: New sets created in 1.2.0 are not backward compatible. Meaning, new sets will not open with older versions of the software.

SunMods Effects

We have three brand-new modulation effects — a phaser, flanger, and chorus — all packaged into the new SunMods effects unit. These effects will take care of your tone swirling and oscillating needs. And as with all SP Effects, they are fully controllable with timbre, velocity, and speed controllers.

A screenshot of the new Sunmods effects

New effects!!!

And to celebrate the presence of these new effects in our lives, we also added a new single-drum preset kit (with new samples) called Ice Mod to show them off. Also, six of the previous preset kits have been updated to take advantage of these sweet mod effects.

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The new Ice Mod kit

Training improvements

Learn mode now shows a counter of how many training hits there are on each pad on a drum channel. There's definitely a goldilocks range for the right number of hits to give, and things can start to just not work well when you have too few hits or way too many. We recommend staying between 20–100 hits — some pads need fewer hits (like the rim shot) and some need a lot (like the center and edge).

The counter will help you better gauge how much training you've done.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The Undo/Redo feature now works across all of Sensory Percussion. Phew!
  • Added Auto-save functionality. Now your work is saved at regular intervals. just. in. case.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for undo(⌘Z), redo(⇧⌘Z), save(⌘S), save-as(⇧⌘S), copy(⌘C), and paste(⌘V). (NB: These commands are the same in Windows but with Control)
  • rand setting in the Sampler is now actually random when there are only two samples loaded
  • Fixed a MIDI channel output bug
  • Fixed a bug that prevented threshold settings from saving
  • Fixed a bug where the controller output indicator range when assigned to control pitch was missing two octaves
  • Improved stability all around
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