DIY Sampling: Building A Sensory Percussion Kit Using Your Own Samples
A photo of a mallet hitting a bag of coffee with a Zoom recorder above it to record the audio
Turn your surroundings into a custom drum kit by importing your own samples and processing them with Sensory Percussion's built-in effects!

To call the Sensory Percussion sample library extensive would be an understatement. With over 400 kits made from over 30,000 samples, there's enough material to keep you busy for quite a while. But maybe you hear a sound in the real world that inspires you, and you want to put it on your drums. The process of recording and importing your own samples is relatively straight-forward, and this DIY approach will help you define your own unique sound. To show how it can be done without a professional studio or expensive microphones, we recorded some stuff we found around the Sunhouse office in New York (glass jars, squeaky doors, etc.). Then we gave a little peek into the process of turning dry, boring samples into interesting elements of a drum kit using effects and controllers within the Sensory Percussion software.

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