Stage-ready hardware

  • Stage-ready sensors work with acoustic or mesh heads--whatever suits your style.

  • Built from tough nylon for durability in the studio and on stage.

  • A one size fits all sensor, designed for both snares and kicks.

"This isn’t just another electronic system with basic drum triggers sending simple on/off messages to a MIDI controller to fire one-shot samples and loops. It’s much deeper—and more humanistic—than that."

Modern Drummer

The sampler

Your drums just got a lot more versatile

Drag-and-drop sounds and effects onto pads to build your kit in minutes. Or pick from a huge collection of presets and get started in seconds.

A sampler built for drummers: stack, randomize, and sequence samples for expressive drum sounds or entire compositions–chords, melodies, vocals and more -- all–controlled by your drums.

Control any aspect of the software with your playing technique. Use playing speed, velocity, and even location on the drum to dial in effects and unleash a new level of expression.

With Sensory Percussion you can use your drum kit to do anything a producer would do with their computer mouse.

Pitch shift a sample to a scale by how fast you play.
Manipulate filters by how hard you play.
Change the pitch of a sample based on where the drum head is hit

Sounds for days - all included

Get started with hundreds of expressive ready-to-play preset kits, from popular and world genres to glitchy synths and atmospheric spaces.

Build your own kit from scratch with over 35,655 raw samples from 23 carefully curated sound packs. Each pack professionally recorded and designed in-house exclusively for the Sensory Percussion community.

Also compatible with third- party sample libraries, drag-and-drop virtually any audio file right onto a pad to expand your sounds even further.

Mappable and extendable

Use your drums, your movements or your favorite MIDI controller to manipulate any parameter in the software. With Sensory Percussion’s flexible mapping, you can create an entire show and perform it from behind the kit.

Use your drums to control lights, external synths or anything that accepts MIDI. Create vibrant light shows or control video while you play. Synchronize Sensory Percussion sounds and presets with your Ableton Live session or simply use your drums as an expressive and powerful MIDI controller.

Sensory Percussion works with in a variety of arrangements. Whether you have an advanced stage setup, or a bedroom rig, Sensory Percussion can fit your needs. A setup can be 1 to 4 drums with acoustic or mesh heads.

The mesh kit

Mesh drums -- pure electronics. Load a Sensory Percussion preset or craft your own sound on a clean slate.

Check out some example videos with this setup:
The hybrid kit

Sensory Percussion layers seamlessly over acoustic drums for the ultimate hybrid setup.

Check out some example videos with this setup:
Best of both worlds

Mix and match mesh and acoustic heads to augment your kit with samples and effects.

Check out some example videos with this setup:
The studio rig

You can do a lot with one or two drums with Sensory Percussion. Use it to control a synth, or to track expressive beats in the studio.

Check out some example videos with this setup:
Software features
  • Supports up to 4 sensors
  • 14 output channels (4 stereo drum channels, 2 stereo sends, stereo master out)
  • 17 sound packs
  • 357 preset kits
  • 27,657 raw samples
  • Multi-band EQ
  • Tube Amp simulation
  • Clipper
  • Analog-Modeled Delays
  • Filter
  • Modulation effects: phaser, chorus, flanger
  • Reverb
  • Compression
Sampling Features
  • Wav, aiff, flac, ogg, mp3 file support
  • Sample playback modes: Stacking, Cycling, Randomization, Controller
  • Pitch shifting with scale quantization
  • Velocity input/output curve editor
  • Global choke groups
  • Sample editor with trim, pan, pitch shifting and envelope controls
Parameter Control Sources
  • Timbre
  • Velocity
  • Speed
  • envelope
  • LFOs
  • MIDI/Keyboard
MIDI routing
  • Assign unlimited notes per pad
  • Convert SP controllers to assignable CC knobs
  • Control Sensory Percussion with MIDI-in
  • Mac OSX 10.11+ or Windows 10+
  • 4GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 2GB of harddrive space for software & included base samples (~17GB for all sample packs + software)
  • Broadband internet connection for installation
  • Audio Interface with phantom-powered XLR mic-input (one per sensor)
  • XLR cables (one per sensor)
Sensor Dimensions
  • W 1.78 in x H 3.71in x D 4.47 in
  • (45.36>(45.36 mm x 94.48mm x 113.57mm)
  • 5.5oz (154 g)