Utopia Chords: Chord Samples and Kits for Sensory Percussionists
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Utopia Chords is a pack of 144 chords and 11 full kits

We designed this pack of chords and kits to help you escape to somewhere nice with Sensory Percussion. Head over to the new download page and create an account to grab the pack. It includes 11 kits, 9 chord progressions, and 144 raw chords for you to incorporate into your music.

A quick demo of a kit called solitary utopia

The Library

After you install the pack, you'll find the kits in “Utopia” in the Sunhouse kit library. You can find all of the chords in the Sunhouse sample library in the folder “Utopia Chords.” The chords are separated by progression and voice into their own different folders.

Demo of a kit called Tcherny

The Kits:

ancestor, atlantiCC, oCCean, spaceUtopia, the elegantcia, lonelySpaceLady-1, lonelySpaceLady-2, Tcherny, solitary utopia, maroons, wise prisoner

Each kit has a chord progression or two mapped to either Drum 2 and/or Drum 3. The chord progressions are velocity thresholded, which means that you have to intentionally hit the drum firmly in order to activate the chords. This allows you to engage with the percussive elements quietly underneath the chords before hitting the drum hard to trigger the chord cycles. We recently posted an article and livestream about mapping chords to your drums.

Demo of a kit in the pack called the elegantcia
Demo of a kit in the pack called maroons
Demo of a kit called lonelySpaceLady-2
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