Terrene Imaginarium, a stay-at-home sound pack for Sensory Percussion
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Welcome to Terrene Imaginarium! A chill sound pack containing lush electronic and earthy sounds and kits, free for Sensory Percussionists.

A green wavy terrain that undulates like silk

Now that most of us have more time on our hands at home, it's a great opportunity to create and explore with Sensory Percussion. This relaxing sound pack has 29 completely new full kits made with 626 previously released samples from throughout the Sunhouse library.

The pack consists of 122 fully mapped drum instruments, including: 11 snares, 11 toms, 10 textural-earthy drums (made from nature recordings), 15 kicks, 8 hi-hats/cymbals, 13 harmonic drums, 45 melodic drums, and 10 chord cycles.

The Making of Terrene Imaginarium

The Samples

Most of the samples in this pack were initially recorded for Galactic Brine, Hypnogogia, and Planetoid Kits (but don't worry if you don't have those packs installed, the pack installer will fill in all missing samples for you).

The sample material is a juxtaposition of the electronic and earthy worlds, with chill synthy chords & notes, and drum machine one-shots included alongside geotic textural sounds of sand, dirt, glass, rocks, crackles, trickling streams, etc.

The Kits

The kits utilize methods with this older sample material not developed until packs like Black Cat, Dreamtropolis, Gordian Plexus, Lunar Cites, and Voyager Sounds Volume 1. But these are completely new kits! Not updates to older kits.

Harmonic/Melodic Kits

The kits: SandFlowers, Gossamer-Octopus, Crossycation, Meridian State, SquishFlopHarp, Glum Hazey Kid, Siberian Reptiles, PhlogSnog, Paranoid Friar, Magic OctoVolt, Deep Friar, Reptiloid Memories, Chemical State, and VoltTone contain at least one instrument that is harmonic or melodic.

Harmonic kits use a technique involving four samplers, each with a note. Those samplers are each pitched to a scale controlled by a network of timbre controllers (center-to-edge, rimshot center-to-rimshot edge, and rim shoulder-to-rim tip. In these harmony kits you can strike the drum in many different ways to get a different harmonic texture.

Melodic kits are much simpler than that. They have just a single note that is governed by a similar network of timbre controllers. Most of these kits are also sensitive to buzz rolls: buzzing on the drum will cause the pitch to bend up several octaves.

Chord Cycle Kits

DecalcoThermionic, DecalcoVolt, GlumDrop, Dyadic Flames, Paranoid Ice, PhantasMachine, and FlowerHat are all kits with chord cycles assigned to drum 3. They are all setup so that the chord cycles are velocity thresholded (quiet hits won't activate the chord cycle) on top of a percussive drum from the kit SIMIO (from the demo pack). The gentle textural sounds of pitchy stones and leaves will be all that is activated if you play the drum quietly.

Percussive Kits

Dirt Glass, Stone Gusts, liarPitch, VoltCuddles, geraniumRig, nadirMachine, neverEnoughOctopuses, and clericNadir are the strictly percussive kits in this pack. They contain the juxtaposition of earthy elemental instruments alongside chill electronic drum machine instruments. Like the ethos of most Sensory Percussion kits, both the electronic and elemental instruments are designed to behave like acoustic objects: e.g.: a drum machine snare plays like an acoustic snare, and a virtual drum comprised of shoveling-dirt samples responds like an actual drum due to a network of timbre, velocity, speed, and envelope controllers.

This pack is free for all Sensory Percussionists. And be sure to tag us on social media with anything you create with this pack, others, or anything you create yourself using Sensory Percussion!

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