Sensory Percussion Remix Spotlight
A photo collage of 6 artists performing Sensory Percussion remixes

Sensory Percussion makes remixing songs from behind the drumset easy and fun! There are many ways to go about it: you can simply drop your favorite song into Sensory Percussion and loop a section you like, you can use a DAW like Ableton to chop up samples and then drop them into Sensory Percussion, or you can use Sensory Percussion together with Serato Sample for even more remixing possibilities! In this post, we're looking back at seven of our favorite remixes from the past few years. Hopefully you find some inspiration to start making your own!

A photo of Bianca Richardson
Bianca Richardson

Bianca Richardson is a drummer, producer, and session musician who has played with artists such as Selena Gomez, Moonchild, K. Michelle, Marcus Miller, and Genevieve Artadi. She's been pretty busy lately, releasing a handful of singles, sample packs, merch, and much more!

JPEGMAFIA-"Thug Tears"

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A photo of Sarah Thawer
Sarah Thawer

Sarah Thawer is a drummer and recording artist based in Toronto, Canada. Known for her powerful chops and contageous exuberance, she's played with a wide of artists including Jacob Collier, Steve Vai, George Watsky, Sheila E., Jon Batiste, and Nicholas Payton.

21 Savage-"Bank Account"

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A photo of Micah Hummel
Micah Hummel

Micah Hummel is a drummer, composer, and educator based in Portland, Oregon. He's known for his creative approach to jazz traditions, which often involves blending acoustic and electronic elements. He recently contributed drums to fellow Portland-based artist Quickly, Quickly's newest album The Long and Short of It

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A photo of Taylor Gordon AKA The Pocket Queen
Taylor Gordon AKA The Pocket Queen

Taylor Gordon is a higly sought-after professional musician based in Los Angeles, California. You can hear her signature deep pocket on her debut EP Groove Theory, Vol. 1

Lizzo-"Good As Hell"

A photo of Orestes Gomez
Orestes Gomez

Orestes Gomez is a Venezuelan drummer/percussionist/producer whose music combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, and Afro-Cuban music. Check out his latest project Dealers In Caracas, a collaborative album with rapper McKlopedia

Rosalía-"Con Altura"

A photo of Destin Johnson
Destin Johnson

Destin Johnson is a drummer and musical director based in New York. He's currently on tour opening for Dua Lipa with Lolo Zouai. You can check out more of Destin's Sensory Percussion remixes from his Sensory Streams performance.

Frank Ocean-"Nights"

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A photo of Jharis Yokley
Jharis Yokley

Jharis Yokley is a professional drummer based in New York City. A 2014 Guitar Center Drum Off Finalist and Berklee College of Music graduate, Jharis' recent work includes touring and recording with José James.

Tierra Whack-"Black Nails"

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