Say Hello to Sensory Percussion 2.1
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We are excited to announce the release of Sensory Percussion 2.1. This update includes a number of new features and fixes. We recommend that all users update to this version. To upgrade, open the software and look for the pop-up window. Otherwise, you can grab the latest version on the downloads page.


The big new feature in 2.1 is Submixes in the Mix View. With Submixes, you can now group any selection of layers together, apply effects to them, and route them to your chosen hardware outputs. This is a great way to create a submix of your kick and snare, or to group all of your toms together. Want to have a click in your headphones (using the Metro module) but not in the main mix? No problem.

All the core library presets now come with a "Finalizing EQ" and "Finalizing Dynamic FX" effect chains on the main mix. We think they make the presets really shine. Feel free to copy paste them into your own sets.

For more information on how to use Submixes, check out the Submixes page in the manual.

A screenshot of the Sensory Percussion software showing the new submixes feature

Set list dropdown

This handy little dropdown lets you easily jump between sets when you have a long set list.

A screenshot of the new set list dropdown.

New Presets

2.1 comes with ten new presets.

  • Blendocity in the Acoustic Drums pack
  • Aeronimus and Celestial Computer Worm in the Chord Sequences pack
  • Analog Oscar Nadir and Octo 80s and 90s in the Electric Drum Kits pack
  • Sylphic Ecology, Galvanic Habitat, Lagomorphius Submarinus, and Tone Planets in the Electro Melodic pack
  • mutatingMembranes in the Patterns pack

The rest

This update includes over 70 individual fixes and improvements. These cover everything from small UI tweaks to meaty bug fixes. We hope you find Sensory Percussion 2.1 to be the best version yet. For the full list of changes, check out the release notes.

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