Sensory Percussion 1.7!

After a long beta-run, we are proud to announce that Sensory Percussion 1.7 is finally here!

We worked hard to bring you performance enhancements and bug fixes, but most importantly there are many new and interesting features in 1.7 to bring life to your live shows and streamline your recording sessions!

Here's what's new:

Sensory Percussion can now be opened as an Ableton Plugin!

A screenshot of Sensory Percussion as a plugin inside Ableton

The Ableton plugin has all of the features of the standalone app, and it runs inside Ableton Live 9 and 10. Head over to the manual to download Ableton session templates and learn how it works.

What are the advantages of running SP as a plugin?

  • Lower latency multi-track recording
  • Recording your performance (like super advanced MIDI) and run it back through Sensory Percussion later
  • Use Ableton's looper and effects with low latency (much lower than the SP Streamer Plugin)
  • You can even open multiple instances (this is an advanced move)

A new controller type: Envelope controller with ADSR

We're finally introducing a new controller type for you to explore. You can now make a shape that can be assigned to a knob or wherever. This is really useful for controlling things like synths, effects, and even lights. Our friend Mason Self made a tutorial for this based on the 1.7 Beta.

The new envelope controller
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The rack tom is sending an envelope to a filter on the floor tom.

Cut/Copy/Paste controllers & controller assignments, as well as samplers/fx with controller assignments

Copy and paste controller settings to your hearts delight

Say you've dialed in your controller settings exactly the way you want them, but now you want to move them to a new kit. Now you can copy and paste just the settings from one controller to another. Your workflow just got much faster!

Copying samplers is easy now!

You can also copy/cut samplers and effects and then paste them with the controller assignments. This will allow you to quickly move samplers from one zone to another and/or duplicate them.

A redesigned multi-band EQ plugin with a spectrum visualizer and drag knobs.

The MBEQ has it all

The multiband EQ is now much easier to use! You can drag knobs, and see a spectrum visualizer of the frequencies you boost and cut.

The update also comes with tons of minor bug fixes and improvements throughout. We're excited to see what you all do with the new features. As always, get in touch with any questions or feedback.

-- The Sunhouse Team

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