Sensory Percussion 1.6!

The year is almost out, but we are happy to announce one last major update to Sensory Percussion  v 1.6! This release brings some important improvements for on-stage performance, as well as plenty of bug fixes and improvements.

Sensory Percussion 1.6

Kit transitions

This is one of the top-requested features. You can now set a transition mode for each kit in your set:

A screenshot of the new kit transition controls
The new kit transition controls

FX Tail-fade: Reverbs, delays, and flanger/phaser/choruses will complete their decay after you transition to the next kit.

Play-through: any looping samplers from the previous kit will continue to loop into the newly selected kit. FX tails will fade, as well.

Cutoff: The sounds from the first kit will abruptly stop when you select transition to a new kit.

Base Pack 2.0

We've updated all of the kits in the Base Pack (the sounds and kits that you get when you install Sensory Percussion) and added a new Demo Set with 10 kits that highlight some of the features that make Sensory Percussion great!

The 49 kits in the Base Pack have each been updated to sound best with all of the new features we've added since we first launched Sensory Percussion two and a half years ago. The software has really changed since then! We kept the general spirit of each kit but tightened them all up and added a few new kits such as:

Aries––100% tonal kit with layers of ethereal xylophone, marimba, and electric piano notes quantized to a scale with center-to-edge timbre control.

Analog Trap Control––analog drum machine sounds with classic Sensory Percussion control.

Also, we included over 400 previously unreleased samples spread throughout the 80s and 90s Drum Machines, Electro, Percussion Section, Worldly Sounds, and Yameen Allworld folders.


We included a new splash screen to welcome new users the first time they open Sensory Percussion. Besides having useful links like the manual and tutorial videos, the new welcome screen also lets you set the behavior of the app when you open it. You can now choose between:

  1. opening the splash screen
  2. opening the last set
  3. opening a new set
A screenshot of the new welcome screen.
The new welcome screen

Making things easier to use and fix

It's now easier to open Sensory Percussion set files (.sps) from within the library. Just right-click, and choose "open set".

Want to start over in your training but don't want to make a new model, now you can right-click a pad in training mode and "clear training on all pads".

Other things we fixed

  • fixed an issue with MIDI Output getting lost when CC's are present
  • fixed sampler voice stealing issue that caused clicks
  • fixed issue with speed controller calculation — it's now more exact
  • fixed compatibility issues with MacOS Mojave
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