Sensory Percussion 1.8!

We're very excited to announce the release of Sensory Percussion 1.8, a new version of Sensory Percussion software full of fixes and improvements! Here's what's new:

Full M1 support

Sensory Percussion is now fully compatible with Apple's new M1 processors! That means that if you have an M1 machine, you can run Sensory Percussion without Rosetta and take full advantage of your computing power! This also means the Sensory Percussion Ableton Plugin is now fully compatible with Live 11.1.

Resizeable UI

You can now resize the Sensory Percussion window by using shortcuts or using the magnifying glass tool.

The Sensory Percussion window is now scalable! No longer are you confined to one window size. You can now use the keyboard shortcut -+ to make the window larger, -- to make it smaller and -0 to reset it back to 100%. Alternatively, you can use the magnifying glass icon on the top menu bar to select the window size as a percentage from 50% to 200%.

A screenshot of the magnifying glass icon used to adjust the zoom level of the software
Use this icon to adjust the zoom level

We've also added full screen mode, which makes it easier to swipe back and forth between Sensory Percussion and other programs you may have open.

Retina-ready graphics and other updates

We rebuilt the entire UI to be Retina compatible. If yu have a Retina or high-DPI screen, you'll see four times the number of pixels as before. you should find that the text is more readable and icons are clearer than ever!

An image with a before and after view of the UI sharpness
Entire UI is sharper on Retina screens.

The kit selector panel is now much wider, making the text less crowded, which is great if you have long names for your kits.

A screenshot of the top panel showing the wider space for kit names
A wider kit selector panel allows you to read more of the kit names

In addition to these UI improvements, the 1.8 update also includes tons of minor bug fixes. To get the update, open Sensory Percussion and follow the update notification prompts, or head to the Sunhouse downloads page. We're super excited to finally get this version out there, so let us know what you think! Happy drumming!

-- The Sunhouse Team

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