Sensory Percussion 1.3

Yes, Sensory Percussion 1.3 is finally here. This is one of the biggest updates we've shipped with tons of new features, improvements and added stability throughout. There are features that enable new kinds of sound design and features that just make your life a little easier.

And to celebrate (and demonstrate) all the new enhancements, we're also releasing a slew of new kits and sounds. You can read about all of those over here.

Updated sampler with new pitch quantize options

In addition to slapping a new coat of paint on the sampler, we have a super sweet new feature. You all know how incredible it is to use a controller (timbre, velocity, or speed) to control pitch on a sampler. Up until till now, the shifting was either smooth or quantized to half steps. With 1.3 you can now specify scales to quantize to — we included a bunch of presets, but you can also choose ‘custom' and go wild with your own crazy scales. Check it out.

A screenshot of the new 1.3 Sampler

New compressor

We updated the built-in compressor! It now has side-chain compression (you can specify a drum and pad(s) to drive the compressor) and is overall more winning with new meters and options.

A screenshot of the new compressor effect

Rebuilt threshold panel

The new, much-improved threshold panel will make your life much easier. Here's what it does: First, there is now an option for auto input leveling to auto-level your sensor input volume (you still need to set your interface at a reasonable level so it doesn't peak!). Second, there is a completely new Velocity IO panel, which will let you control how the velocity curve of your playing affects the output. Want SP to always sound loud (might be good for a stadium)? That's easy to do now. Or if want to just give everything a boost, that's now possible too.

A screenshot of the new threshold panel A screenshot of the new velocity I/O panel

Keyboard control!

We added the ability to map keys to buttons on the interface. This is handy if you want to map, say, the spacebar to the master mute button (that's new too!).

Also, you can now use the up/down arrows to quickly audition samples in the Library.

New save/export options

A screenshot of the new save options

Update notifier

Sensory Percussion will now give you a little notice when there's an update available. Handy.

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