New Kits! (Summer 2017 Edition)
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We've got some fresh sounds for you Sensory Percussionists — in all we have 14 new kits and 354 completely new samples. There's everything from dope 90s hip hop sounds to some wacky, weird screeches. Something for everyone! After you install them, you'll see them appear as the new “Planetoid” and “Traps” collections in the Kit Library.

Read on for the full rundown of what's new.

A list of the new kits in the pack


This soundpack is an homage to the drum sounds of late 90s hip hop from the American South. Gritty, sharp snares, claps, hi-hats, cymbals, and banging thick subs and kicks blare through the kits in this pack.

The pack contains more than 100 raw samples and five preset kits.

The samples are intuitively mapped so that Drum 1 controls snares, Drum 2 is either virtual claps, hats, or toms, Drum 3 is subs and special effects, and Drum 4 is kicks. Rimshots across the kit mostly activate claps, and rims are often cymbals.

On three of the presets (bad boi, Grimey 2012, and Long Beach Cynicism) we stacked-duplicate snare samplers on the head of Drum 1 and controlled the sampler's pitch with timbre controllers to give the snares that fat, Sensory Percussion signature sound.

Planetoid Kits

Goblinoid Circuits

A depraved kit we put together for Moogfest 2017. It uses dusty old samples from various synths that were stored in a basement in Norfolk, Virginia that flooded during Hurricane Bonnie.

Instead of a virtual rack tom, this kit has a virtual side-snare, and a wild screeching banshee screams from that snare.

There's something hauntingly-tortured strange and alluring about this kit. Be careful you don't play it too much, or else you might start receiving text messages from your past relatives - and they'll let you know - in no uncertain terms - what a disappointment you are to them. That's my experience, at least.

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Ian Chang on the new Goblinoid Circuits kit


The chords for this kit were plucked from a Phantasmagorical Tree on a rainy day when it was heartbroken and upset after realizing that the songbirds perched on her branches don't view her as a complex sentient animal, and the songs they sang to her that she loved so much were just mocking her for not understanding their language. She was so distraught that we were able to sneak up to her and plug in a quarter-inch instrument cable to sample her directly. That was very dangerous, as you probably know, since these trees can shake their branches quite violently when disturbed.

The bendy percussive sounds come from previously un-released ingredients from our library.

The three chords we mapped to Drum 3 are on a cycle, whereas the chords on Drum 2 are controlled by a center-to-edge timbre controller. You can control the cutoff of a low-pass filter for the whole kit by dampening Drum 1 with your hand.

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Tlacael playing Magorical


This tonal kit is bubbly and nervous about the future. We dived deep down into the quantum realm to rescue some electrons before they began to manifest themselves in multiple realities. After we captured them we realized that they had sounds sharp and carbonated enough to map to the rims and stickshots of this kit – that's where they live now – cycling randomly when struck.

Play the head of Drum 1 and Drum 2 hard enough to activate purplish electric keyboard chords - this kit is named after those chords.

Hoax Planet

We decided to use our knowledge of music technology and deep ties to the Illuminati to help establish a New World Order with this kit. Chords are mapped to the rims of Drum 1 and Drum 3. The chords on Drum 1 are controlled by a timbre controller (rim tip-to-rim shoulder), and that set of chords is changed by striking the rim of Drum 4.

Flangey — 1 drum

This kit has three layers of samplers on both the center and the edge zones, which are blended together. One sampler has an unmodulated sound and the others are pitched depending where you strike on the head. Buzzing the head activates a delay send, and hitting the head hard activates a wacky, flanged-out reverb.

wackyDelay — 1 drum

This kit has a bank of toms and other pitchy drums spread across the head. Hit the rim to cycle randomly through metallic percussive sounds. Speed and velocity controls the effects sends.

Dragon — 1 drum

Dragon has four layers of samplers modulated by timbre and velocity controllers (where and how hard you hit). Sharper sounds are mapped to the rims and velocity and speed controllers determine the amount of signal that goes to the effects sends.

Marching FX — 1 drum

This sounds like it did after your high school drumline all snuck away and took mushrooms before the big game.

Hyperborean — 1 drum

A cold, earthy sounding kit with modulated frozen pebble sounds and a modulated delay on send 1 (controlled by velocity). There are other delays and reverbs that affect the sounds of single pads in this kit.

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