A new piece for solo drums and Sensory Percussion by Kendrick Scott

Kendrick Scott is a drummer, bandleader, composer, teacher, and in this video, a solo artist. In this new piece called EVOLve, performed at the Sunhouse HQ Studios, Kendrick uses a hybrid drum setup with Sensory Percussion to explore the words of angel Kyodo Williams. He follows her words through an evolution of metric complexity, timbral richness, and emotional vulnerability.

Kendrick's latest release is A Wall Becomes a Bridge, out on Blue Note Records.

Kendrick's setup:

  • Yamaha Phoenix Drumset in Ash Amber Gloss
    • 12×8 Tom Tom
    • 14×14 Floor Tom
    • 16×15 Floor Tom
    • 18×14 Bass Drum
  • Craviotto 10th Anniversary Snare 14x5
  • Craviotto Custom Floor Snare 14x10
  • Zildjian Cymbals
    • 15-inch Prototype Kerope Hats with 12 Rivets
    • 22-inch Old K Prototype
    • 22-inch Bounce Ride with Z Rivets
    • 17-inch Prototype K Cluster Hats with 12 Rivets
    • 10/12/14 Prototype foot stack
  • Keith McMillen BopPad
  • Vater Manhattan 7A sticks
  • Remo drum heads (Coated Ambassador X on top, Clear Ambassadors on bottom)
  • Focusrite 18i8 interface

A photo of Kendrick Scott's drumset
Kendrick's setup from the shoot

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