Remix Grimes' "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around" with Sensory Percussion

Canadian Dream Pop artist, Grimes, released the stems from her most recent single, “You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around” to anyone who wants to remix it. So we built a small collection of Sensory Percussion kits using the stems! There are four different kits that remix, chop, and slice up the song's stems. You just need to download the stems, get the SP pack and point it to where the stems are. Read on for step-by-step instructions.

Grimes is even letting creative people upload their creations to YouTube and Instagram. Just include "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around" in the title and #GrimesArtKit in the description. Make sure you share your creations with us, too!

The raw music video footage for the song

Here's how to get the stems and start remixing using Sensory Percussion:

1. Get the stems

If you want to get more assets like like the raw green-screen video footage, you can find instructions for that here.

Make sure to save the audio files somewhere easily accessible on your computer.

2. Get the Sensory Percussion presets

Then you just have to relink the samples in the set to wherever you saved the audio files. Open the set, then go to File-->Repair Sample Links and choose the folder where you downloaded the Grimes stems.

4. Make music

Here's a rundown of the four kits included.

Kits 1 and 2: acapella-env-kit and guitar-env-kit

These kits allow you to control the playback of large sections of the song. Essentially, they allow you to decide when the song smashes through, and when it doesn't: creating intricate patterns between your drumming and the stem.

Strike the rim tip of the kick drum (drum 4) to start the looping sample. Then hit anywhere on drum 3 to allow a slice of the long sample to emerge -- kind of like a gate: There's an envelope controller mapped to the volume knob of the sampler, and hits anywhere on drum 3 will activate the envelope, causing the sampler to sound.

Play steady 16th notes on drum 3 to keep the song going, but stop playing and the song is choked, emerging again only when start playing on drum 3 again.

::: info TIP: If you only have one or two sensors, be sure to drag drum 3 into a new kit, because it's the drum with the looping sample. We've set it up so that you can press the spacebar to start the looping sample if you don't have a kick drum model on drum 4. :::

Kits 3 and 4: Chops-1, multi-instrumental-chops

These kits are more traditional remix-kits with chops hidden on the toms. The chops come to life when you strike the drum hard, but playing quietly allows you to groove without cycling to a new chop:

Firmly strike the center or edge of drum 3 and/or drum 2 to activate a section of the song. The sections cycle with each hit.

In multi-instrumental-chops, the remix sample loops until you activate the next chop, but in Chops-1 the song chop fades out.

Make sure to tag us (@sunhouseinc) on social media with your remixes!

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