Five Drummers Expanding Sensory Percussion in Creative Ways
5 drummers expanding Sensory Percussion

Sensory Percussion is a revolution in drum technology, and drums will never be the same again, but there are some drummers who have revolutionized Sensory Percussion, itself: pushing drum software to its limits and expanding the emerging genre of electronic drum music.

Read on for some drummers who are taking percussion software beyond drum samples and beyond hybrid drums, and pioneering artistic use of music tech.

Lenny “the Ox” Reece

Lenny is an incredible drummer, pushing the boundaries of the drum kit with an amazing, powerhouse feel that will keep your head bobbing. But he also pushes the boundaries of drum tech with his use of Sensory Percussion to trigger intricate, cycling bass-lines, chords and surprising one-shot melodies.

Here's his breakout Sensory Percussion video remix of the “Have You Ever Had A Dream” kid.

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And his Breakfast in Bed vol. 1 series is equally impressive! Here's “World Is (Yebba Smith Salute)”:

Josh Green

Josh Green of Permanent Record Drums, the world's largest drum set sample pack is always creating and releasing exceptional music, using Sensory Percussion to control epic (and seemingly ever-changing) light shows.

Here he is illuminating a bamboo forest with his electronic drums:

And here he is in his home studio lighting up his kit and controlling the spellbinding LEDs surrounding him with Sensory Percussion:

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Brett Bolton

Brett Bolton takes Sensory Percussion way beyond what we even imagined was possible with electronic drums! He's created a spectacular live video projection show using beautiful audio/visual instruments he's created with Sensory Percussion and Notch video FX.

Brandon Guerra

Brandon is a phenomenal jazz drummer and an early adopter of Sensory Percussion. He often combines it with Teenage Engineering's OP-1. He sometimes lets the OP-1 provide the groove and layers melodies overtop with his drums:

And here he is using Sensory Percussion to lay down a hip hop groove with trap hi-hat, kick, and snare, and then loop it with Ableton Live and a Novation Launchpad, before adding more layers with the OP-1:

Mason Self

What list of innovative uses of Sensory Percussion could possibly be complete without Mason Self? His tutorial series has helped countless Sensory Percussionists unlock their full electronic music potential.

But he's also an astounding artistic innovator behind his electronic rig, which has Sensory controlling a spectacular modular synth rack.

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